Hello there. If you’re reading this, you might be familiar with DFS Wars from two years ago, or the DFACs of old. Basically, there isn’t a large-ish scale DFS competition for touts that I know of, and for me personally that has left a gaping hole in my weekends.

Friday nights are far less interesting than they used to be, so here’s my pitch (pun intended) as to how we can make them a lot more exciting for everyone. The following assumes that we can get 50 people in the daily fantasy industry to pony up $100 to compete. Here is an ongoing list of those who have expressed some level of interest so far.

A potential payout structure could be as follows:

50 participants at $100 each = $5,000

We play for 15 weeks, with each week’s contest played on Friday nights. I will create a free tournament on whatever site we choose. This will allow the contest to run no matter the size of participants and whether or not everyone creates a lineup.

Each week’s top three finishers would earn coin, say payouts of $150, $75, and $20 respectively. That’s $3,675 out of our $5,000 for the top three winners in each week, leaving us with $1,325 to pay the top three overall winners after the full 15 weeks.

The breakdown could be:

First place: $1,000

Second: $225

Third: $100

Or something a little less top-heavy. I’m not picky, I’m just throwing some numbers out. There’s a lot we can do with one hundred bucks each if we get a sizeable crowd lined up to play. There’s more than one way to slice it all up, but plenty of ways to make it fun and interesting. We could pay out the top five spots each week and make the grand prize a good bit lower.

The above would give us all 15 weeks of goodness on Friday nights and plenty of content to banter about on our respective platforms. Yours truly will volunteer to collect the money and to keep track of all payouts, which I could send to winners all at once at the conclusion of the competition. Currently I am considering using LeagueSafe for the sake of ease.

So let’s do this, ladies and gents! Tell your DFS writers, podcasters, and general degenerates. Follow along here on the site or on the Twitter handle at @realdfswars. Use the hashtag #dfswars to get it all started.

Drop me a line at dfswars @ gmail dot com if you have inquiries or ideas, or if you know you would like to compete. You can also find me on Twitter at @HeathCapps. Once I get a large enough group to matter, I’ll send out an initial email with logistics.

And if you know anyone that would like to play, share this post with them and have them reach out to me via Twitter or email.

Peace, and good luck grinding!