We’re gonna do this, folks. Here’s what we seem to be thinking so far:

One: We need to get more touts into here. I know it’s tough to find people who are willing to pony up $100 to play, but the bigger group we get the more fun this will be. Also, more money will be up for grabs…

Two: The hope is to pay out to the top five spots each week (instead of the top three) AND to have $$$ left for the overall winner. Ideally we could payout the top three overall winners AND the top five spots each week–but that’s going to take a group probably pushing 50 total people. 30-40 will work too, but then we might be paying out the top five each week and only paying out a prize to the overall winner.

Three: It sounds like Fanball or DraftKings is the platform we will use. The hope is to use a two-pitcher site. I’ll create a free tournament that will run on Friday nights each week. I’m hoping it can be recurring–i.e. I don’t have to invite everyone every week. But it will be guaranteed to run (since it’s free) and if anyone doesn’t join up they just lose a chance at winning for that week (and likely fall out of the running for any overall prize). UNLESS AN AWESOME SITE DECIDES THEY’LL CREATE A CUSTOM TOURNAMENT FOR US TO USE EACH FRIDAY…Fanball? DK? FanDuel? BUELLER? BUELLER?

Four: We’ll use LeagueSafe to collect money up front if there are no objections. The ONLY pitfall to this is that the money will sit in LeagueSafe over the month of August, as our competition should be done by that point (we’ll compete for 15 weeks). Payouts would be available on September 2, 2019. I have it set to “majority approval” for payouts–meaning, the majority of people in the league will have to vote on the amounts that I allocate for each person. That way you agree that I allocated the winnings correctly. I plan to keep a simple google doc of each person’s scores and earnings for each week, which I can share with everyone.

Five: Let’s invite more people! Share this post with anyone you think is interested in some MLB DFS action against some of the most degenerate industry experts. They can comment here, find me on Twitter at @HeathCapps, or email me at heathcapps19 at gmail dot com.