Okay MLB DFSers. We have a home. Fanball will create a free private contest for us to participate in every Friday for the duration of the competition, which will be 15 weeks. Yours truly is constructing a Slack chat for all competitors for 2019.

Right now we are at 25 competitors, and I would love to grow that number exponentially prior to March 31, which is my somewhat arbitrary end date for new people to join. That will give me two weeks to organize everything with Fanball to ensure we are ready to go–and two weeks for everyone to “practice” on some smaller Friday night slates.

The only prerequisite to join is that you do some form of “touting” within the sports industry. Some write, some podcast, some tweet–this is an equal opportunity competition.

April 12 is the official start date of MLB DFS Wars in 2019. You’ll need to join up in Slack for more details, so reach out to me on Twitter @HeathCapps or by email at dfswars@gmail.com if you are interested.

I’d like to stress that the contests held on Fanball are FREE. That said, I have devised a way to make things interesting, and to even donate a little to charity–which for us will be FantasyCares. If you’re curious…reach out to me!