For the sake of history, I am posting 2017’s leaderboard. I’m cleaning up the website, which involves deleting some old pages. So here is the information on the 20 originals who first participated:

BrocNessMonster of the Double Dong DFS Podcast and Fantasy Guru Elite won our inaugural MLB DFS Wars contest. Shouts to him and to all the others who gave it a good run.

1 BrocNessMonster Fantasy Guru Elite 1616.7
2 Jamie Calandro Fantasy Team Advice 1589.4
3 Ryan Noonan The Double Dong DFS Podcast 1511
4 malamoney Razzball 1509.7
5 Tim Finnegan Baseball Prospectus, DraftKings 1505.2
6 Andrew Gould Bleacher Report 1499.4
7 Yancy Eaton Dear Mr. Fantasy 1495
8 Sammy Reid Baseballholics 1488.8
9 Lance Brozdowski Big Three Sports, Razzball 1484.5
10 Justin Klein The Fake Baseball, Rotoballer 1466.9
11 Heath Capps Fake Teams 1430.8
12 Randy Capps SEC Country, The Comeback 1399.5
13 Seth Klein Fantasy Fix, Razzball, All Star Five 1397
14 T WHUDEY Fake Pigskin, XN Sports 1372.9
15 Dennis Esser Fantasy Coach (podcast), Two QBs 1338.1
16 Ghoji Blackburn Fake Teams 1293.5
17 Chris Meyers Daily Fantasy Café, Athlon Sports 1288.4
18 Jason Willan The Fake Baseball 1287.2
19 KC Bubba Benched with Bubba (podcast) 1149.2
20 Big Italy Daily Fantasy Café 1116.8