DFS Wars

Daily Fantasy's Duel of the Degenerates

About DFS Wars

DFS Wars began in 2017 as a way for some industry touts to enjoy some Friday night MLB DFS.

A few touts got together that year and endured a rugged format, a 20-man competition played via Friends Mode on FanDuel. Needless to say, there were bugs in the system. 20 players was a small amount, and there wasn’t a lot of “skin in the game.”

Enter 2019, with a new and improved system. The competition will be held by way of a free tournament, to be held on 15 concurrent Friday nights during the MLB season (beginning April 12, 2019). Fanball has graciously agreed to host our competition, and there is no limit to the number of industry touts that can join!

The primary function of this site will be to track weekly scores, but there will also be the occasional degenerate picks by the competitors right here on the site each Friday.

Feel free to comment, share, tweet, or just enjoy following along each week!